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Business IT Services in Chico

Save time. Save money.

Grow your business by focusing on your value proposition. Together we can build a better future.

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Improve efficiency, enhance security

Automate your processes and protect your business.

Consumers are looking for more self service capabilities. Businesses want to reduce costs. These requests go hand in hand with technology. Unfortunately most owners report that their current technology solutions are not effectively serving their business.

73%Consumers want more self service capabilities.

$6 trillionDollars lost due to cybercrime in 2021.

725+ Millionwork hours saved with mobile and web apps.

21%Companies have a disaster recovery plan..

All-In-One IT Services

We offer a variety of services to fit your needs. Managed IT with an SLA is the best choice for most businesses. We offer break fix services if you prefer to only pay when a problem occurs. We can help with any of the services below.

Managed IT with SLA

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your systems are fully taken care of.
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Repairs when you need them. Fee for service is based on time and parts.
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Robust connectivity for reliable communications. Maintaining your network is our top priority.
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Keep your systems secure and up to date. For you, and your customers.
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Assess your existing infrastructure, prepare for growth and scale.
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Set up and configure IT infrastructure for your business.
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Cloud Services

Storage and backups prevent costly downtime. Manage expenses.
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Phone systems, voice over IP, and more. Secure and reliable. Set up your communications.
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Email Support

Help setting up email systems for your business. Custom domains and more.
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Web Development

New websites, maintenance on existing websites, and much more.
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Host your existing website. Reduce costs and increase speed.
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Mobile App

Increase efficiencies and customer experiences with a mobile app within your budget.
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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?
We recommend going with a managed service plan. Our managed service plans start at $99/user. We also offer break-fix services for calls only when you need them. However, we highly recommend being proactive about your technology to prevent costly downtime.
How can Managed IT help me reduce cost?
Most of us don't go to the dentist once our teeth start hurting. We make regular appointments to make sure that we catch problems before they require a root canal. A managed plan is like a regular check up to make sure that your devices and technology are functioning properly. This can prevent tremendously costly fixes down the road.
How can technology help me increase efficiency?
Consumers and businesses can both function at the end of automated processes. Automatically route text messages, calendar events, emails, or instant messages to either side of the deal. Build in automated reactions to these business events. We live in a world filled with "Web hooks" that allow automation on a cost effective scale with capabilities that wow you and your customers.

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