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Rune Software. Unleash the Power.

We have built software products ready to plug into your business. Get ready to unleash the power of your software.

Rune Website Chat with Slack

We offer website chat that integrates directly with your Slack team. Chat with your customers, clients, and partners in real time.

Multiple users

Chat with many users simultaneously. All chats will go into your designated Slack Channel.

Thread based chat

Each user will receive their own thread. This makes it easy to keep track of conversations.

Interactive mode

Turn on interactive mode to get notifications when a user lands on your site. Initiate a conversation with a user by typing a message.
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Turn your website into a desktop application, or make all your windows work together in harmony.

Turn your web application into a desktop application

Easily turn your web application into a desktop application. No developers necessary, just plug in your URL and get started!

Work Efficiently

Build custom workspaces by creating a set of windows. Place them where you want. Easily restore and switch between workspaces.


Choir is built with security in mind first. You can be confident that your application and customers will have increased security when using Choir.
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