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Computer Maintenance in Chico

Stay Updated. Stay Protected.

We know from experience that it is better to prevent problems before they occur. Cybercrime is increasing every year and statistics show that if you are not protected it's not a matter of if, but when. Be proactive with your computer security, the stakes are too high to leave it to chance.

The TechPro subscription has been a game changer for me! Now I know my computer is always up to date, and virus free. I can now focus on my work and not worry about the computer. I used to always have problems. Now I know they are taken care of.

Nancy Mellum

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Most computer problems can be prevented with regular updates and maintenance. We also include virus scanning and remote support so that you're always taken care of.

  • Automatic updates
  • Virus scanning
  • Device maintenance
  • Remote support

    You might be wondering...

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    Why should I have a subscription when I can pay only when I need help?
    Computer problems often occur slowly and are not immediately apparent. Hacks, identity theft, and costly repairs can result due to an unmaintained computer. We strongly believe the best way to protect your computer is to keep it regularly up to date. Having someone to answer your questions is priceless.
    Do I need a subscription if I feel tech savvy?
    It depends! Your time is valuable and computers can vex even an experienced user at times. We can give you time back to focus on what matter. We are also a great fit for the non tech savvy. We are great at helping parents and grandparents with their devices. It's our specialty!
    What can I expect from the subscription?
    We will begin by checking your computer for problems. We install virus protection, updates, and remote software. We follow manufacturer recommended maintenance, and perform bi-annual maintenance on your devices. We send you the reports automatically when our work is complete.

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