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Data Recovery in Chico

Oh $#!%. My Data! We'll get it back!

Data recovery is a big deal. If you've ever been late to work, you know the sinking sensation. Losing your data is no different and triggers tremendous stress. Let us take it away.

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We want to know more about your circumstances. We will work with you to recover the data, and also set up a system to prevent this problem ever again.

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What can I do to get my data back?
The first thing we want to know is where the data was stored. We will work with you to determine what the recourse options are. In almost all cases data can safely be recovered.
How long will it take?
In most cases we can recover data within a few days. In the incredibly rare circumstance of a complete failure of purely local data it may take additional time.
What can I do to protect from data failure?
Critical data should be redundantly stored. You can use hardware in your computer, in the cloud, or even networks in your business. We will work with you to find the most cost effective, convenient solution.

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