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Finding a new computer is a classic case of choice paralysis. With so many options available it can be hard to know what is best suited to your needs. What is a gigahert anyways? Will I really need 1.21 gigawatts? (Only if you want to travel in time).

Simple pricing. $149 flat rate

We will get to know your needs, how you use your computer, and your budget. With this information we can help you decide. Mac or windows? Pro or air? Laptop or desktop? These are the types of questions we can help you decide!

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Should I go Mac or Microsoft?
Apple is the biggest company in the world because they make wonderful products. If you already have an iphone or a tablet, and a macbook is in budget, we probably would buy a mac. Even within mac there are quite a few choices. Macbooks last a long time, but they are a big investment. In many cases there is no reason to get a Lexus when a Honda Accord will do just fine. Microsoft computers are great as well, you just have to get the right brand! They are not all created equal. You don't want a Saab story.
Do I want a laptop or a desktop?
This depends on your usage. Will you be mobile while you use it? Is placing it in a single place acceptable? I personally like working at a desk, and using computers at a desk. A couch is for a television in my circumstances, but everyone has different needs. We can help you answer these questions.
What is the typical budget?
We can get you something amazing starting at $500. Less than that and you will likely end up with a computer with cheap parts that will not last a long time. We can help you answer these questions.
What is the TechPro?
TechPro is our subscription to keep your computer running smoothly and up to date. We offer remote support with our subscription, as well as free advice on new computer upgrades. That's right, no cost if you are a TechPro. Did we mention all other services are 15% off as well?

Save 15% off all repairs and prevent problems.Go TechPro today.

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